Welcome to the ShadowLand Enterprises web site.

We have a wide variety of properties, all located in Mohave County in the northwestern part of Arizona.  We have property located near KingmanGold Basin (near Lake Mead City and Mead View), and atop the Grandwash Cliffs overlooking Mead View.  The property is listed in two company names:  ShadowLand Enterprises and WestStar Land (a LLC owned by ShadowLand Enterprises Inc.

The Lazy YU property is located on 8 acres just east of Kingman, Arizona (The Mohave County Seat) high in the Hualapai Moutains.

Lake Mead Ranchos II, our largest one acre subdivision, is located just south of Lake Mead and east of Dolan Springs close to one of the best boat launch ramps on the lake near Mead View. We have both water and power available. We have received our Public Report for the Lake Mead Ranchos II property. Click here to view report.

ShadowLand Ranch is located west of the Lake Mead Ranchos II subdivision combined into one 240 acre parcel that can be un-combined into 8, 10 and 40 acres.   Several of the lots have distant views of Lake Mead.  We have one deep well on the property and the under-ground stream that feeds this well runs due east through other properties we own.  The well located on Lake Mead Ranchos II in fed by this stream.   This is an ideal area for either Solar Cell or Wind Turbine-generated electricity.  The electrical grid is located approximately one mile away, and any excess power generated can be sold to UniSource Energy Services.

What we call our “Recreational Property” is located above 5000+ feet in the mountains of Diamond Bar – some atop the Grand Wash Cliffs, and in the Hualapai Highlands boarding the Hualapai Indian Reservation.  All of these properties are within a few miles of the popular Grand Canyon Skywalk.